Change log


  • Example are now installed in GGEMS install path


  • Smart pointers removed and replaced by classic ‘new’ and ‘delete’ methods.

  • For Windows user, options application can be handled by methods defined in GGEMSWinGetOpt.


  • New classes GGEMSProfilerManager, GGEMSProfiler and GGEMSProfilerItem can be used to display details about elapsed time in OpenCL kernels.

  • GGEMS can be run on multi-devices GPU and/or CPU.

  • A new method in C++ and python handles the balance computation between each device.

  • In GGEMSOpenCLManager, ‘clean’ method cleans all GGEMS C++ singletons.

  • MHD file suffix is checked at the beginning of simulation.

  • New OpenCL kernel ‘is_alive’ checks if particles are alive after each batch

  • Problem reading material file on Linux windows is fixed

  • C++ Singleton GGEMSManager is deleted and replaced by GGEMS class

  • A security has been added to prevent infinite loop during tracking


  • For CT application, scatter histogram can be saved.

  • New class GGEMSWorld stores data (fluence (photon tracking), energy deposit, energy deposite squared and momentum) outside navigator (phantom and detector).


  • New example 5_World_Tracking illustrating new GGEMSWorld feature