Change Log


  • Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ can be selected for Unix and Windows users

  • CUDA package is required to find OpenCL library properly using GPU architecture

  • OpenGL visualization in option. OpenGL requires GLFW3, GLEW and GLM libraries

  • The cmake-config directory is added in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH


  • New GGEMSRGBColor structure storing color

  • In GGEMSMaterialsDatabaseManager, default colors are set to materials

  • Files ‘std_image.h’ and ‘std_image_write.h’ added to manage files

  • OpenGL library can be activated in GGEMS for visualization

  • New GGEMSOpenGLManager singleton C++ class managing OpenGL

  • New GGEMSOpenGLAxis class drawing X, Y and Z axis in GGEMS windows

  • New GGEMSOpenGLVolume class storing informations and pointers of OpenGL volume

  • New GGEMSOpenGLPrism class drawing cone section

  • New GGEMSOpenGLParaGrid class drawing matrix of voxels

  • New GGEMSOpenGLSphere class drawing sphere

  • New GGEMSOpenGLParticles class drawing particles

  • New GGEMSAttenuations class computing attenuation and energy-absorption coefficient values and loading these values to OpenCL device

  • New GGEMSMuDataConstants namespace storing attenation values for materials from Hydrogen to Uranium in an energy interval 1 keV to 1 MeV

  • New GGEMSMuMuEnData structure storing OpenCL buffer to attenuation and energy-absorption coefficient values

Fixed Bugs

  • Bug in deallocation for GGEMSVolumeCreatorManager class

  • Bug in text parser


  • TLE (Track Length Estimator) method for dosimetry application

  • OpenGL visualization in GGEMS


  • New example 6_Visualization illustrating OpenGL in GGEMS