Examples 6: OpenGL Visualization

Since GGEMS v1.2, the OpenGL library can be activated.

python visualization.py [-h] [-v VERBOSE] [-e] [-w WDIMS WDIMS] [-m MSAA] [-a] [-p NPARTICLESGL] [-b] [-c WCOLOR] [-d DEVICE] [-n NPARTICLES] [-s SEED]
-h/--help            show this help message and exit
-v/--verbose         Set level of verbosity
-e/--nogl            Disable OpenGL
-w/--wdims           OpenGL window dimensions (default: [800, 800])
                     for a 400x400 window: -w 400 400
-m/--msaa            MSAA factor (1x, 2x, 4x or 8x) (default: 8)
-a/--axis            Drawing axis in OpenGL window
-p/--nparticlesgl    Number of displayed primary particles on OpenGL window (max: 65536) (default: 256)
-b/--drawgeom        Draw geometry only on OpenGL window (default: False)
-c/--wcolor          Background color of OpenGL window (default: black)
                     using blue color for background: -c "blue"
-d/--device          OpenCL device running visualization (default: 0)
                     only 1 device available for this example
                     using device index 0: -d 0
-n/--nparticles      Number of particles (default: 1000000)
-s/--seed            Seed of pseudo generator number (default: 777)

Create instance of GGEMSOpenGLManager:

opengl_manager = GGEMSOpenGLManager()

Many parameters can be set for OpenGL:

opengl_manager = GGEMSOpenGLManager()
opengl_manager.set_window_dimensions(window_dims[0], window_dims[1])
opengl_manager.set_world_size(3.0, 3.0, 3.0, 'm')
opengl_manager.set_particle_color('gamma', 152, 251, 152)
# opengl_manager.set_particle_color('gamma', color_name='red') # Using registered color

Display only geometry and system:


Using GGEMS for a complete visualization (geometry, system and particles):


The OpenGL window is interactive, the scene can be moved using keyboard or mouse:

    * [Esc/X]              Quit application
    * [C]                  Wireframe view
    * [V]                  Solid view
    * [R]                  Reset view
    * [K]                  Save current window to a PNG file
    * [+/-]                Zoom in/out
    * [Up/Down]            Move forward/back
    * [W/S]
    * [Left/Right]         Move left/right
    * [A/D]

    * [Scroll Up/Down]     Zoom in/out
    * [Left button]        Rotation
    * [Middle button]      Translation