Examples 1: Total AttenuationΒΆ


This example is only available using python and the matplotlib library is mandatory.

This example is a tool for plotting the total attenuation of a material for energy between 0.01 MeV and 1 MeV. The commands are similar to example 0, and all physical processes are activated.

$ python total_attenuation.py [-h] [-d DEVICE] [-m MATERIAL] [-v VERBOSE]
-h/--help           Printing help into the screen
-d/--device         Setting OpenCL id
-m/--material       Setting one of material defined in GGEMS (Water, Air, ...)
-v/--verbose        Setting level of verbosity

Total attenuations for Water and LSO are shown below:

_images/Water_Total_Attenuation.png _images/LSO_Total_Attenuation.png